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Restaurant & Bar
First-class cuisine
Grande Cuisine
Welcome to Salon Marie – home of the good life. Where a table reservation means being seated in the theatre of savoir-vivre. Where people gather for business lunches, fine dining and prime cocktails. Or for a Sunday or holiday roast.
Always joyful – always prime!
Prime Times at Salon Marie
365 days a year
Breakfast Buffet
Golden Mornings
Early Bird or late macchiato? Everyone gets up sometime. Especially for our breakfast. With fresh fruits, soft-boiled eggs and crisp pastries. All you can enjoy!

Due to the current situation we do not offer breakfast for external guests.
Holiday Dinner
Sunday & holiday roast
Different times, different menus.
Your host: crisp, juicy, tender and aromatic. Fresh from the oven.
Our three-course buffet – ranging from roast goose to Beef Wellington – delicious every time!

Until further notice our restaurant will remain closed on Sundays - and the oven cold.
Lunch Break
A cultivated, uncomplicated lunch break in the city centre. Enjoy an elevated business lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. Offering everything from a large Schnitzel to a little espresso. Prime time at lunchtime! Lunch specials and à la carte

Also our lunch menu is not on offer due to the current situation.
Prime Dining
A special someone wants to take you out? Or are you the one extending the invitation? Maybe even treating yourself? Our recommendation: a prime American steak, octopus or vegan dishes at Salon Marie at the Grand Hôtel Wiesler.

Or if you're in the mood for an extra-special cordon bleu with Brie and Prosciutto, we know the right place for you: Grieskai 4-8, Salon Marie.
Dinner Menu
Evenings in Style
The good life has style. You'll find it only in the world's finest locations. Always paired with a good mood and friendly people. You’ll find the good life at Salon Marie’s own cocktail bar, which shows what it can do every night:
the best music, high-end drinks from Margaritas to Perrier-Jouët, and delicious bar food like lobster spaghetti and popcorn chicken. And the best part: the pleasure of great company.
Bar Menu
The g00d life
Excellent service and prime American steaks are a must for us when it comes to living the good life. And of course, we recommend pairing your steak with great wine. Perhaps enjoyed at a dinner by candlelight in Graz, gazing across the table into the eyes of the one you love? If the sparks are not flying yet, the cocktail bar is just a few steps away. Subtle beats and fine drinks set the mood for flirting, but that’s not all. The cocktail bar is the perfect spot for negotiating, philosophising and even dancing. Which happens to be our favourite way to get moving – back to the good life.